Annual report and hall meetings

Annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 December 2020

The approved 2020 Annual Report including the accounts was presented to the Annual General Meeting held on 4 March 2021.
Here is an extract:

Principal activities in pursuit of our objectives and public benefit

The hall is in use on a regular basis by a number of user groups that cover a wide cross section of the population and community organisations.  Regular users of the hall in 2019 were: Staindrop and District Young Farmers; Luncheon Club; Gentle Exercise, Complete Fitness, and Pilates classes; Art classes; the Vintage Pipers; Tea & Chat group; Winston Ladies Group; Beer and Banter; Winston Parish Council; the Playing Field Association; Morris Dancers; Cream Tees; and guitar/bagpipe practice sessions.

The hall was also used for a variety of private and ‘one off’ functions during the year that were for the benefit of the community. 

Prompted by user feedback, and to encourage our often ageing residents to be more physically active, our 3 exercise classes are run by the management committee and the professional instructors are paid a fee.  With some grant funding this ensures that the classes are sustainable for the benefit of the community and the classes sit within our object b) other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.

Achievements in 2019

The hall has continued to be used on a regular basis by our user groups listed above and we now have regular bookings everyday during the week.  Our facilities and competitive hiring rates are appreciated by families and groups from outside our immediate community and with additional private hiring and DCC election income we have ended the year with a surplus of £4572. 

We were also pleased to continue the availability of gentle and more demanding exercise classes for our community with Complete Fitness continuing to be very popular throughout the year.  We have secured grants from Local Giving to support the less popular classes for the past 3 years and expect that support to continue. 

During 2019 we maintained our high management standards; the committee review our ongoing requirements and commitments at each quarterly meeting and our management policies are reviewed on a cyclical basis.  Using some of our surplus we commissioned a deep clean of the hall in July and as hirings have inceased we now have cleaning contractors who do a 2 weekly clean of the building.  We also purchased a storage cupboard for items that get damp in the storeroom in winter - sited in unused space in the ladies WC.

We had a new chair and vice chair again this year and a new trustee was elected.  The change in committee membership is welcome as it brings new perspectives and experience, whilst operational continuity is assured through the treasurer and secretary who have undertaken these roles for several years and have developed very efficient and effective procedures.

We held another very successful Pie and Peas Band Night event in November 2019 that was focused on getting the community together rather than fundraising.  This event raised additional funds of £938 and we were very grateful to everyone who contributed to making this a success; it was a truly community event.

To see the full report which includes the 2020 accounts and our future plans click on the link below

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