User and hirer surveys

During June and July 2013 we conducted a village hall user survey - this is a summary of the results:

Thank you to all who completed the Winston Village Hall Survey. We had a good response and the feedback received will be very useful to the Management Committee in helping to guide the future running of the Hall. The replies we received were representative of the village but we would welcome further feedback from the wider population of the parish, especially the younger members (both adults and children).

Of those responding to the survey 100% considered the Village Hall to be ‘an important amenity for the village’, which is very encouraging. The facilities provided by the Hall were rated good or very good by 98% which is a great endorsement to the past and present members of the Hall Committee who dedicated so much time and effort to refurbishing the hall.   

Over 50% of respondents use the Hall on a regular basis with over 80% saying that they ‘would consider using the hall’ for either social activities or participating in a club or activity. This is encouraging as the purpose of the Village Hall is not only to provide a facility for the local community but for this facility to be used on a regular basis for the benefit of all.

Some of the more popular activities people would like to see provided in the hall are Musical Performances/Stage Productions, Fitness Sessions and Yoga, Cinema Club, Art Sessions and a number of classes including History, Language, Craft, Photography and First Aid. A Gentle Exercise Class has just started on a Tuesday morning at 11.15 (contact Val Raper tel: 730811) and Art Classes have resumed on Thursday evenings. A large pull down screen has also recently been installed in the hall. If anyone is interested in starting any of the classes or activities you would be more than welcome and the Village Hall would support you in anyway it could.

 The Management Committee thank you for your feedback and continue to welcome new users of the hall, both organisations and individuals, as well as ideas on how the hall can further support local residents and groups make the most of this excellent facility. The Hall has scope for additional daytime and evening bookings.  Those interested in supporting the Village Hall by giving time or perhaps by becoming a Trustee are most welcome.

We also survey our occasional and private hirers on a regular basis and feedback from hirers is very positive with excellent or almost excellent scores and some very helpful comments and suggestions that we have picked up on eg with notices about where things are kept.  Here are some examples of the comments:

                        ‘excellent venue, well equipped’
                                ‘the price should be doubled’

‘the can do attitude makes the hall a delight’                              ‘beautifully decorated, a real asset to the village’                                                                       


Annie Dolphin,
19 Oct 2013, 00:54